What Qualifications Do You Need to Immigrate to Canada?

Not only is it critical for IRCC to have the correct qualification when determining whether or not you are qualified to migrate to Canada. But for your future employer, it will also be essential, as it will mean whether or not you are qualified to perform the duties of the job you are applying for in Canada.

When it comes to scoring CRS points for programs run under the Express Entry scheme, it is not only important to have the requisite qualifications, but it is also a prerequisite for programs such as the Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP), the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs), the Home Provider Pilot, the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot, and certain immigrant businesses.


Requirements for selection for top Programs of Canadian immigration


Programs for Express Entry 

The Express Entry Scheme, a fast-tracked visa program to help professional foreign workers find a way to move to Canada and find a career in Canada, involves 3 Canadian immigration services. 


The Federal Skilled Trade Program (FSTP)

For those who have experience in commercial work, the Federal Skilled Trade Program (FSTP) is an immigration avenue. 

You would not only need a secondary or post-secondary degree to apply for this program, but you may be required in some provinces to have a Red Seal certificate or have a valid full-time job offer as well as 2 years of full-time work experience in your respective trade. 

Minimum qualifications: secondary or postsecondary qualification;

Professional Skills Examples: plumbers, electricians, butchers, bakers. Bosses et cetera.


The Federal Skilled Worker Program

In as little as 6 months, the Federal Skilled Worker Program is planned to support highly skilled international workers immigrate to Canada.

You would need to have a secondary or post-secondary degree that suits a highly qualified occupation based on the NOC system, in addition to having to meet the minimum Federal Skilled Trades Program score of 67 out of a possible 100 points. The Federal Skilled Worker Program is usually for those who have the ability to form 0, A, or B.


Minimum qualifications: secondary or post-secondary qualifications

Qualifying occupations E.g.: owners of hotels, physicians, etc.

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The Canada Experience Class (CEC)

The Canada Experience Class (CEC) was built to help highly qualified employees find an appropriate way to migrate to Canada in careers categorized as National Occupational Classification type 0 or level A or B. 

If you have an appropriate qualification and have at least 1 year of Canadian experience, this could be the right decision for you.

Minimum qualifications: secondary qualification or post-secondary qualification

Examples of professions: managers, architects, shore captains, tech experts, etc.


The Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP)

If you enjoy small-town coastal living, then Atlantic Canada can just be the place to settle down for you and your family members. The Atlantic Immigration Pilot is a community-driven immigration initiative in the four maritime provinces: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, as well as Newfoundland and Labrador, which aims to help fill the existing labor gap. 

The applicant will need to have the following requirements depending on the stream through which you apply to qualify for this pilot: 

  • Atlantic High Skilled Program – qualification in post-secondary or secondary education; 
  • Atlantic International Training Program – 2-year degree from a recognized publicly-funded university in Atlantic Canada, diploma certificate or trade apprentice credential;
  • Atlantic High Skilled Program: Post-secondary or Secondary qualification 


Minimum qualifications: stream-dependent

Qualifying occupations E.g: Commercial butcher, food and beverage server, etc. 


The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

To fulfill the basic requirements of your desired category or streaming, identifying in-demand positions in your chosen province and showing interest is the key to a successful Provincial Nominee Program application whether you want to apply through an online Express Entry-linked program or you could apply directly to the province, which is normally a much longer process as you would have to submit a paper application.

Territories and Provinces of Canada each have their own PNPs, each with its own set of criteria and Canada’s own set of work opportunities.

Minimum Qualifications: depending on stream and territory/province

Examples of qualifying occupations 

Oil field worker, Food and beverage server, etc. 

The only exception is the BCPNP, which has an online platform that aims to process requests in as little as 8 to 12 weeks!


  1. The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP) program

In British Columbia and Manitoba, there are currently 11 participating communities, each with its own unique job openings for foreign workers. A community-driven pilot aimed at encouraging immigrants to live in smaller communities in Canada is the RNIP.

In a friendly, compassionate environment, if you have at least 1 year of work experience and a slower pace of life is just what you are looking for in Canada, then this might be the immigration option for you and your family members. 

Minimum qualifications: secondary qualification or post-secondary qualification

Qualifying occupations E.g: Any work in demand that you wish to move to, for e.g, in the city. Professions in IT, medical, building work, etc.


Pilots Home Care Provider 

Canada has launched 2 new home care provider services in its place after the Live-in Caregiver Program stopped accepting foreign applicants to live and work in Canada on 18 June 2019 year: the Home Support Worker Pilot and the Home Childcare Provider Pilot. 

All you need to apply for is an acceptable post-secondary degree, a legitimate job offer, and relevant work experience that could make your way to Canada faster than you think to care for Canada’s people.

Minimum skills: post-secondary qualification

Eligible jobs E.g: Babysitters, child care providers, family nurses, housekeepers, etc.


The Pilot for Agri-Food 

The Agri-Food Pilot is intended for trained workers with advanced skills in the fields of meat processing, animal production, and agriculture who wish to emigrate to Canada. This is a great immigration chance for you if you have a high school diploma in one of the above-mentioned fields, a legitimate full-time job offer, for at least 1 year, and you meet the other program criteria.

Minimum qualifications: Secondary qualification 

Qualifying occupations E.g.: Employment in the meat processing industry, and production of nurseries.