What Am I?

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to stay the night on Elmley Nature Reserve in one of the fantastic shepherd’s huts over Easter and saw these creatures courting, backlit by the most fantastic moon.

A dancer of furrows,

A leaper of ditches,

A little brown man in a dark velvet jacket.

A runner of errands,

The messenger of wheat fields,

A sharp cheeked grassland dog.

A dark horse running.

The watcher for sorrows,

The keeper of secrets,

A lady in waiting,

A male suitor creeping,

A tale flicking readiness,

A rebuff of heels.

A dancer of ditches,

A fighter of matches,

A slap in the jaw,

A sock round the ear.

Tufts of fur flying,

A brown hare running,

An Easter moon rising.