We’re a long way from home, welcome to the Pleasuredome…

Scrapped metal

Riding the rails from

The Rite of Passageway

Off the wall in


20 years too late

For closing time

There’s been 20,000

Setting suns since they sold

The family silver

Now there’s 20,000 scorpions

Guarding the perimeter

In case Annie brings

The barrow back for Dickie

Whistling for once

Black cat crossed me

Down The High Street

Bluetown welcomes you

With official signage

For the lost and

Lacking a home

A build up of plaques

The choking last calls

Of tourism schemes

A petrified forest

Of memorial stones

And the spreading arms

Of Roxy The Redeemer

And the barman

Greeted me in the

Pub that’s open

The other owns a

Barber’s chair

For container boys

To fix their hair

These sailors need

Their Playtime

Seeking, hoping

50 shades of blue

Of a respectable kind

So here’s to Mrs James

And a pretty pink sign

We know we know

The matelots shipped

20,000 days ago

As Lawrence slipped

Sex into the small towns

Give it ten years

Till the church burns down

The paint has peeled

Reforgot under 20,000 suns

Till all was shivering stone

Now Roxy’s all alone

Bless her granite buns

Watching over the last few rusty lanes

Blue blood running through her marble veins