The OO-Zone

This is a poem (+pic) about my trip to the Hoo Peninsula, which i made because i wanted to see the little islands in the Medway which i first spotted on plane trip to the continent. So this sparked my curiosity.

The OO Zone

The first time I saw Hoo
Was from an aerial view
It was on a flight to France
I noticed many little tiny islands
Which turned out to be, tiny islets in the Medway
Those many islet-islands in this river mouth
Marking some sort of edge of England
The last sight of land before the sea unfolds

Since then I’ve seen them again
These little islands from the plane
And so I started wondering
How I could get there by land route
So I took a train to Strood
For Strood is the beginning of the Hoo peninsula
That houses the Medway river mouth
With its little tiny mouth-islands by its side

Strood, Hoo: it’s a land dominated by the double O
And mostly surrounded, too, by H2O
In Strood you’re at the Hoo peninsula’s feet
From there take a bus to the Isle of Grain
This is the village at oh so OO- Hoo-land’s head

Isle of Grain, this village used to be an island in itself
But now it’s been peninsulated, it’s been connected
To the rest of nearly sea-surrounded Hoo
Which was a Hundred, once upon a time ago

Grain: to see the sea from here
Is like being sandwiched between other lands
For lights across the waters are never far away
There’s Southend to your left
And Sheerness to your right
And you, on the peninsula, stand in the middle, oh!

It’s a power peninsula as well
With its massive power station
Decorating views across the land and sea
But with all its chimneys, nonetheless
When on a flight to or from the continent
It’s the little Medway-islands that you notice,
Not the power station
So it’s them who deserve
The most special mention
As the major, most magnificent and Medway sight
To the side, to the south, of the OO-Zone of Hoo.                © Ursula Troche, 12.16