The Magpie Community Centre & Cafe

My name is Kathryn and I facilitate a Depression and Anxiety Peer Support group at The Magpie Community Café and Centre at 33 Magpie Hall Road, Chatham. ME4 5NE. This is part of the All Saints Community Project.
At our meetings we like to have a ‘self help’ topic of discussion. One meeting it was “Do something you’re good at” and ‘being creative’ was an activity we focused on. I saw the Wandering Words Project and thought it was something the group may want to contribute to as part of their creativity and put the Magpie Centre on the map!
I have attached the words that the group attendees came up with, when asked what benefits and services the Magpie Centre and Café bring to the them and the community within the All Saints Community Project.
I formed these into a Scrabble Word Art as the group weren’t confident to write an article or poem about the centre, however the words are from what they said.