The Chase

I am struck by themes of ‘blue’ at the moment and want to explore this in a range of poems this weekend at Magna Carta Festival in Faversham. Bluebells still abound, a promise of something more to come. Blue blood, heraldry, castles in Faversham that I want to explore more.The blue of fireworks and gunpowder at Oare. Blue is chasing me. I will be exploring blue in terms of feelings related to place and in relation to music in Faversham. This short poem serves to make me ‘find her’,’ the one in blue dressing in my dreams, hiding behind everything in Faversham and Newnham.

Blue powder scattered
as you run
amok through my town,
my poems.
Blue footprints: I cannot
quite catch you,
but I will.
I will find you in the creek, in the fire
works, sky and soil …