Terry’s Cherries (after William Blake)

‘Terry’s Cherries’ is a small fruit stall in the orchards near Faversham. To get to it you turn off the drive to school farm and drive deep into the orchard where the little stall is erected each cherry harvest.

The first line came to me overnight inspired by William Blake.

Also see this web article about the same place http://www.telegraph.co.uk/gardening/9393001/A-cherry-orchard-belonging-to-a-past-time.html

Terry’s Cherries glowing bright

In the dappled orchard light

What a glorious taste we’ll see

In this summer’s fruit bounty


Called by board at, School Farm’s drive

Over rough track we must ride

There, deep in orchard a fruit stall born

“To be served, just sound your horn”


Reading the sign, I shed a tear

Why is that? I cycled here!!!