Sun Pier Blue

Written during the Rochester Literature festival 2015, at the Nature Girl workshop hosted by Carol Donaldson. Carol showed us some ideas on how to take inspiration from nature, and one of them was simply to pay attention to what we saw. Sounds simple enough…. this is what I produced on the day

The title is inspired by the Chatham yellow, the colour of the string used to identify Chatham produced rope.

Three cans of green; one

Carlsburg, two Zübr and

one black Pela

crumpled into wood

bleached over Chatham’s

tides. The pier is blue, a

lightness never seen in

nature; regular

metalwork latticed in a

design that lingers for as long

as the skys reflection glued to the

waters surface

I remember mustard gold

cans, a mystery special

brew. The kind knocked up by

boffins and bond villains,

gleaming in the two dimensions

every Saturday morning while

he snored the weekday shift away

and I chewed on sour apples,

emerald caramels and gums

luminescent in black and green

emblazoned with gin, rum, cider

and a flock of blacktinged

pigeons swoop overhead in

a confusion of perspective,

nowhere near where the wind nudged

by wings slaps my face

Twenty one years today. In

the corner

closest the shore, a line of swans

circle, scatter.

A motorcycle revs, and the

sound laps at my feet across the water.