Memories of the Past

Coming to Teynham to be wed in 1952,

I look around me now and see a very different view,

remembering how it used to be so many years ago

wandering through the orchards; what a privilege to know.

The gentle quiet of country life that calmed and brought release

from all the problems of the day, filling the heart with peace

and waiting for the blossom that clothed fruit trees in Spring,

a pink and white profusion that caused the heart to sing.


Everywhere a fairyland with such a grand display;

what joy to wander freely enjoying nature’s way,

remembering clusters of cherries glowing bright

with red and gold they shone between the branches (what delight!),

the time for plums and apples that hung away up high,

needing long ladders to reach them and climb towards the sky.


Then came the need for housing and the orchards had to go,

new estates have claimed the land where beauty used to grow,

and peace and quiet has vanished in the rush of modern days,

what privilege we forfeit to attain progression’s ways.

The Teynham I remember of so many years ago

has changed so much it’s difficult to think it once was so,

yet life must change for nothing in the world remains the same,

praise God for precious memories the world can never claim.