Handful of Blackberries

As part of the workshop in Luton Millenium park, we did an exercise to just write for 5 minutes. This was my first piece from doing that. When I walked in to Millenium Park, a young boy was walking out with a hand full of blackberries and alot of families were blackberry picking in the park in Luton and it was a lovely to be around.

You’re like the seven seas,

Walking down the Millenium path,

painting your skin purple.

                          Summers here and it’s beautiful!

Nothing much is superficial, here,

it smells juicy and down to earth.

I can hear the sounds of young minds, tree’s speech, ants crawling, bird conversations and an aeroplane.

Gypsy music, net curtains and hills.

Ladies sitting outside like the picturesque nans life.

I’m in Luton. Not the London Luton, no, the Chatham Luton!

Where three young boys are punching the air,

passionately practicing their martial art

combining movement with laughter,

in a small green space full of family and blackberries, in a small town full of wonder.

I’m in Luton. Not the London Luton, no

The Chatham, Luton! 🙂