Crossing to Sheppey

A short description of the Sheppey crossing – a road which seems to rise unsupported to the sky, hit a cloud and then crumble, plummeting all wanderers down to the spongy earth on which it seems (at least from this height) various strange metallic creatures roam.

Sheep Isle highway’s rolling ribbon-belt 
of smelt and concrete twister,
sky-high blistered cow lick stripe, 
will wipe away and vanish into grey, 
and they who reach this razor-sill 
will plunge to waiting swamps, 
all gantried, winched and craned 
by untrained iron scorpions 
roaming this mechanic-thistled land.  
By concrete dune retreating to the sky, 
we’ll spy Kings Ferry’s frozen lizard 
standing square astride sleek creeks.