At the opening event of Wandering Words at Creak Creative in Faversham I miss Heard Dan Simpson as he read a poem and the word I heard reminded me of one of my favourite areas on the outskirts of Faversham. Now a nature reserve the Oare and Uplees marshes were a centre for the local explosives industry in the area and on April 2 1916 the site of  “the worst ever ‘explosion’ in the history of the UK explosives industry” 

As I you gaze across the open vista

The term that come to mind is blandscape!

No features attract my eye

Nothing tops the wind blown reeds

Or does mankind’s thirst for gravel make this a manscape?


Does the 1916 conflagration not call

Of lost souls through act of war

Though not acknowledge as such!

Their mass grave not tended like that of the soldiers

Who died using the explosives they made

Manscape! Blandscape!


Now nature takes hold

The reed beds alive with warblers, tits and buntings

The whistling Widgeon in the winter

Heron, Egret, Grebe and Kingfisher blue

Harriers hunt the fringes unaware of the deadly origins of their home





Your call!

Sunset Over Oare
Sunset Over Oare