Baby Bounce and Rhyme, Lordswood Library

A poem arising from a Wandering Words commission to make some writing in response to the Lordswood area of Medway.

And there, like jam in a doughnut,

the library,

centred amongst the gingerbread houses

garages and shops

up sunlit steps, where the door swings open

lures you in.


There amongst the books the babies sing

their mothers’ voices imitating

birds and lambs, moo cows and trains

their smiles like light bulbs

circumnavigating sacred circles


The books are silent, hidden tales

and histories hold their breath

between the shelves; remembering

the days before language came

and music rippled deep within our skin.


These babies now, their journeys

only just beginning, hold their mothers’ faces

close and dance their infant bodies

keeping step with love and life in rhythm.