And all because Lisa forgot to press record

This was written during one of Lisa Vigour’s Inspirational Nites, an open mic with a difference. Lisa provides writing pads and prompts and encourages everyone to have a go. Lisa occasionally records the acts but forgot to press record for the first act. To make up for it, this was my attempt to capture the moment for her in words

Words fluttering around

candles melting the

late summers warmth over

empty labels;

Jack Daniels will deliver


Lisa Changes into her special

performance hat, pink sequins and gold;

all around us mirrors capture and

reflect sparks and glimmers the

combustible brilliance and heat thrown

out with such abandon by the

words and heart, the fierce

honesty of Sam;

the saucy soulful wit of Claire, the

wise and wandering ways of

Barry. The fierce joy of couples

holding hands in the dark.


The layered passions of Guy the bear,

reflected in the inquisitive artists

eyes of Caroline, her doodling pen and

ink capturing the dark, her

leaves unfurling

banked in the understated embers and

psychedelic pleasures of Zach’s stories

and Tshirt


All this flutters around the

lilting melodies of Neil’s plea

for peace, as Lisa’s vowels

pop and burst on the ceiling

And the laughter of all of us

enjoying this moment

Our moment

Our quiet moment

that eludes cameras

but not hearts.