A little bit of Hollywood in Admiralty Road

Scouting for photos on my final day in Upnor and my eye was caught by a miniature rowboat being used as a plant holder.

Its owner, Damon Meeking, looked a little perplexed when I asked if I could photograph it but was more than happy to let me once I explained about Wandering Words. He even fetched the miniature figured head for me – and then muttered the immortal words: “There’s a story attached to the boat.”

Damon ad the figurehead

“Do tell, “ I said. And he did – hear it below:

Damon's Hollywood Boat 2 (1)

H.M.S Defiant was a British adventure which premiered in 1962. As well as Alec Guinness and Dirk Bogarde, the film also featured Maurice Denham and Anthony Quayle. Read more about it here.

Admiralty Road, formerly Powder Monkey Lane

For those interested in the renaming of Admiralty Road from Powder Monkey Lane, Damon told me it was in reference to the young boys who used to ferry the gunpowder on warships. Read more here.