Crossing to Sheppey

A short description of the Sheppey crossing – a road which seems to rise unsupported to the sky, hit a cloud and then crumble, plummeting all wanderers down to the spongy earth on which it seems (at least from this height) various strange metallic creatures roam.

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This is an extract from a one act play called ‘The Arethusa’.

The play is based on real events of August 1912 when a training ship, the ‘Arethusa’, capsized off Leysdown and nine scouts, boys from the London area of Walworth, lost their lives. Details from contemporary accounts are included. The disaster received significant press coverage and gained national attention.

In the play, […]

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Sea Leaves

This poem was born of visiting various coastlines in Kent, and remembering the chalky landscapes of Medway  by the river as the tide came in. I was sad at leaving Medway and this summed up the […]

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