Fiona Sinclair

I was born and brought up in Boughton, a village on the very edge of Swale. My family come from East Kent. My mother's name was Wanstall, a good local name. All of my maternal family worked the land. They were many generations of farm labourers doing everything from planting cabbages to picking hops. My late grandmother, a diminutive lady, learned to work heavy horses to plough fields. In the '60s my father and grandfather became agricultural contractors, self-employed doing everything from pruning fruit trees to buying and selling the aggregate crop from local orchards. I now live in my grandmother's house which is the second love of my life. I am rooted in this area, love the way Faversham has been renewed lately but saddened that the old guard of this village are now dying off. I have written sporadically for years but becoming an English teacher rather took over my life. I now find that I am able to write everyday. Much of my poetry features this area. I often reference the towns and villages because they are such an inherent part of me.