Barry Fentiman

Barry Fentiman is part of the thriving live literature scene. He describes himself as a “walking” writer, treading the banks of the River Medway and interpreting what he sees and how he fits into it. His style of writing adapts well to the stage, on which - at a range of events - he has performed his Estuary Monologues. He is a contributor to ‘City without a head’, an anthology of writing by ME4Writers. He has curated several text-art exhibitions for Medway libraries: ‘Letters Home’, Rochester and Walderslade Village libraries 2012, and ‘An Assemblance of Judicious Heretics’ at Rochester Library 2014 as part of the Rochester Literature Festival. He co-hosted ‘The WordShed’ at the Medway Fuse Festival 2013 – “the world’s smallest writers retreat” and co-hosted the long-running immersive poetry treasure hunt game ‘Poetrymon’ around Medway from 2011-2013.